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School Code: 029739

School Background:

The grammar school began its work of educating students in 1920 in Csongrád. Since that time the grammar school has continued to be the main part of the institution, but beginning in the 1960s several kinds of day and correspondence continuing education sections were also established in viticulture, woodworking, preschool education and mechanical engineering.

In 1989 a pedagogy section was added, in 1990 an eight-year grammar school section, and in 1996 a tourism and catering section as well.  These latter sections continue to be offered.

The school dormitory was first opened to students in 1930, and currently provides residence during the week for 106 female students.

In the 2005-06 academic year, Batsányi János includes 26 different class sections and 820 pupils.


School Property and Grounds:

The school operates in three different buildings:

  • The Main Building:

    In 1913 architect Ybl Lajos drew up plans and construction was started. On November 13th, 1920 it was opened for use and the grammar school commenced operations. This sturdy building continues to serve the needs of our institution well.


  • The Blue Building:

    Constructed according to plans by architect Novák Istvánné, this new wing was added in 1989 and enabled the school to expand operations with a new library and six additional classrooms.


  • The „B” Building:

    Designed by Rédiné Bondor Klára and completed in the autumn of 2001, this new ediface became the latest addition to our school property. Situated on the corner of Szent György Street, this building has significantly enhanced the life and work of our educational community, and now provides space for a 106-bed dormitory, five classrooms, a full-sized gymnasium, an institutional kitchen, a cooking classroom, a doctor’s office and a large club room.


The institution is now well-equipped with a performance hall, an informatics classroom, two gyms, a multimedia language laboratory, an art/drawing room and a 20,000 volume library.


Education Profile:

  1. 8-year Grammar School (grades 5-8)

4-year Grammar School (grades 9-12)

Science and Humanities Departments

The following disciplines are also offered as facultative subjects:

Informatics, Travel and Tourism, Public Safety/Law Enforcement, Media and Communications, and Economics.

Foreign Languages Taught: English, German, Italian, French and Latin.

  1. Secondary Technical School Sections:

Hospitality and Tourism: Preparation and Field Practice(one section per annum)

Principles and Practice of Pedagogy: Basic preparation for teaching training(one section per annum)


  1. Professional Training Sections:

Post secondary school preparation for the intermediate and advanced OKJ professional certification in the following areas:

-         Assistant Teacher (1 year)

-         Primary School/Preschool Head Teacher (1 year)

-         Tourism Administrator (1 year)

-         Professional Tour Manager (2 years, accredited)

-         Public Relations Employee (1 year)

-         Informatics Systems Manager and Programmer (CISCO based)  (2 years)


Batsányi Goals for School Atmosphere:

We strive to encourage the development of intelligent, well-rounded young persons, and do our utmost to provide them with the life skills necessary for their chosen career and life path.

We especially believe in the importance of preparing students for life, and thus stress:

   -the teaching and application of practical and up-to-date informatics,

   -the attainment of a high level of proficiency in foreign languages,

   -assistance with and preparation for admittance to institutions of higher learning,

   -attainment of a deeper level of knowledge in those areas of students’ interests,

   -allocation of attention and resources to students desiring to take part in competitions, applications and other extra-curricular programs.


Our foremost objective is that each student feel at home here at Batsányi in both classroom  groups and the larger school community as a whole. We feel that this is best accomplished by providing a realistic and fair evaluation of each student’s achievements, by showing respect for each student’s individual personality, and by working together to create and sustain a well-balanced, positive school learning and teaching environment.

Our school is a member of „ European Innovativ Schoolnet” and also won „The Ecoschool” title.